Bitmain invests $7.5 Million USD Into ASCH

According to the CTO of the public chain ASCH,  he announced that the company received 7.5 million USD from Bitmain. Bitmain is referred as one of the largest crypto mining company. The CTO  made the  announcement  during Bitcoin Cash Anniversary Global Summit, which took place yesterday.

ASCH has some time ago completed its cross-chain operation for bitcoin and bitcoin cash, to enable users of the platform use both bitcoin and bitcoin cash on the mainnet.

In a swift reaction to this partnership, the founder of Bitmain, Jihan Wu, expressed his admiration to Bitmain and optimistic the new partnership will foster research and development with it and build a community overseas. According to him, the collaboration will greatly expand the usage of BCH and accelerate its growth around the world.

The ASCH Brands

There are lots of different projects built on the ASCH platform. Some of the projects are BlockDino (a game in which you have a dinosaur as a pet), Dream World (which is a VR game based on the geography of the real world and Koumei Cottage, a prediction market program).

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However, the company also incorporates other services such as reformation of traditional industries using blockchain technology. Fangjinsuo company for example is  a loan consulting firm that started to use ASCH’s services to implement the blockchain technology.

According to the  founder of the company, Gingfenf Shan, he stated  that the partnership will help both companies to boost their strengths in marketing and development of some new blockchain solutions that can help them, which will lead them together to a brighter future.

ASCH is a public cross-chain technology that uses a multi-chain architecture. It was founded in 2016 and  its mainnet has  been running for two  years now.

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