Billionaire Bruno Wu is a Chinese-born media-mogul-turned-tech-entrepreneur and owner of the little-known financial technology firm Seven Stars Cloud (SSC), announced plans to establish FinTech Valley, a fintech hub in the US for his company and others who are interested in collaborating on projects involving machine-learning, robotics, and crypto-related initiatives.  Currently, he is planning to build a $300 million cryptocurrency hub in Hartford, Connecticut, that could also include a college dedicated to financial technology according to Business Insider.  They  reported citing obtained documents.

Billionaire Bruno Wu to  Build fintech college at the Hartford campus

According to the report, the SSC plans to  partner with Universities near Hartford  to establish an accredited group that specializes in financial technology. The entity is envisioned to offer courses on blockchain and artificial intelligence, the report citing documents said.

However, report said  Wu selected Hartford as the best  location for his plan because of its proximity to top universities such as Yale University in New Haven, also  colleges like the University of New Haven, University of Hartford and the University of Connecticut.

The demand for Fintech skills is on the rise and Wu’s plans to venture into It is well understood. Building such Fintech will definitely expand the company portfolios and supplement the short supply of talents in Fintech which has been a major concern to industries.

The head of business development at crypto exchange Bitsmap Miha Grcar, said there is a short supply of needed talent for fintech and added the shortage is giving the industry more headaches than Bitcoin’s volatility and wild price swings.

“Globally, the pool of talent — people with experience in blockchain and distributed-ledger technology — is somewhat limited. This is a big challenge.” Grcar was quoted as saying.

Billionaire Bruno Wu is believed not to be the first billionaire to embark on this project but his moves to incorporate Universities is a welcome development.

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