BuyCoins App Allows Nigerians to Buy & Sell Digital Currencies Instantly:

Bitcoin adoption in Africa is growing and some countries such as South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria have shown great interest in cryptocurrency. In Nigeria, there are several startup companies dealing in cryprocurrency and lots of meetups have been organized in Nigeria and still going on.

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In Africa, most of bitcoin users utilize the arbitrages to trade bitcoin for daily profit while others  use it for investment. The adoption of cryptocurrency has resulted in several exchange platforms popping up within the continent.

A Dawn of New Cryptocurrency App

Nigeria has recorded another cryptocurrency trade app named  BuyCoins. A new app that allows Nigerians to buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly. The app developed by Timi Ajiboye, is a multi-currency platform that supports bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH, litecoin (LTC), and ether (ETH).

With the launch of the app, Nigerians can easily buy and sell bitcoins. The app interface is user friendly and easy to navigate. The founder has previously launched Bitkoin Africa, a web-based platform that also allows Nigerians to transact in bitcoin. The new launched app  BuyCoins, allows users to instantly buy and sell cryptocurrencies. In that way, users don’t need to place an order to buy or sell.

How to Use BuyCoins

Simply  download the app both in Google Play store and iOS platforms. You register within the app by inputting your profiles. BuyCoin will send you an email to verify your account.

Users will need to verify their identity within the platform to buy or sell digital currencies.  However, users can also store their digital currencies on the BuyCoins wallet. Currently, BuyCoins seems to be the only platform in Africa that lets users buy, sell and securely store their bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin and ether on a smartphone app.

According to Ajiboye, he stated the BuyCoins app is the “second step of many on the road to truly borderless exchange of value across the continent and beyond.”

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