CheapAir airline partners with BTCPayServer to overturns earlier decision on suspension of ticket purchases using Bitcoin.
The company worked with a crypto giant exchange Coinbase as a payment processor before termination on 13 July, however CheapAir airline suspended Bitcoin payments after a several challenges that resulted with Coinbase suspending its support.

In the world of cryptocurrency, CheapAir proved to be one of the best travel agency. The attributes for services offered is the ability to compare prices, fast processing of crypto payments making it a top competitor to other agencies, both crypto and fiat-based.
The CheapAir CEO, Jeff Klee stated in an official Press Release that
In an official Press Release, Jeff Klee, CheapAir CEO announced that “After certain disagreements with Coinbase, a company they had worked with since 2013, they had entered into a new strategic partnership with BTCPayServer.”
The Boss also admitted that he was unaware of the existence of this BTC Payment Processor, and thanked the community supporters for recommending.

Mr Klee, stated many important features offered by BTCPayServer, which will improve both the service and the user experience to its customers. He states:
“Not only does BTCPayServer enable us to circumvent BitPay’s controversial BIP-70 wallet requirement, but, after the Coinbase situation, we find it really liberating to no longer be dependent on a third party. We now have much more control of the process, which has made possible faster, more efficient order processing. We can also do a much better job of gracefully handling the occasional anomalies that are still inherent in crypto commerce. Many, many thanks to Nicolas Dorier, Predrag T, and the other BTCPayServer contributors; you’ve built a truly great product.”

The CEO CheapAir also announced that they began accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH) and Litecoin (LTC) to increase the base of accepted cryptocurrencies, they rely on GoCoin. The Team seem happy with Gocoin, stating that so far “They’ve been great”.
The CEO stated CheapAir is very committed to harness the benefits of cryptocurrency stressing the suspension was as a result of disagreement with Coinbase.


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