How to buy bitcoins in CoinMama: A Guide to Open an Account

Open an account and verify your email address. Once done that, follow the steps below to get started.

1. Login to Your User Account Using Email

When you are logged in, click on  “My Account” in the top navigation bar and you should see a page like this:


Fill all the required details in the spaces provided. Once done proceed to:

2. Click “Buy Bitcoins”  at the top bar

A page will open and you choose how many bitcoin you want to buy or you simply write how many you want to buy.

It looks like this when choosing how many you want to buy:


After choosing the amount to buy, proceed to click on the green “Buy Bitcoins” button.

3. Here Select Credit/Debit Card as payment method


In the next stage, you need a bitcoin wallet.

You NEED a Bitcoin wallet for the next step.

If you don’t have a wallet yet, learn how to get a Bitcoin wallet now.

4. Now Enter your Bitcoin Wallet Address

The bitcoin wallet address where your bitcoin will be sent to you once you make your payment and successful.  In the box paste your bitcoin wallet  address


5. Next Step is to  Enter your Billing Information and Address


6. Proceed to Input your Credit or Debit Card Information


7. Now Verify Your Phone Number and Email Address

An sms code will be sent to your phone number and an email confirmation too. Open your email account and click on the link sent to you to verify your account.  Once you’ve confirmed these forms of contact, you should see this:


8. You Need to Upload ID for Verification

It depends on your country you are purchasing from. Most people will not need to upload a selfie. Just skip step 8 if CoinMama does not request this from you.

Simply upload a selfie with you holding your credit card towards the camera. Make sure your name, expiration date, and the first four and last four numbers on the card are visible.


9. Wait for Verification

CoinMama will check your documents and verify your order.


10. Confirmation Email

Once successful,  you should receive an email notification in this form:


Is that a long process? Now your bitcoin will arrive to your bitcoin wallet in less than 40 minutes.


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