Ghana has shown great interest in use of blockchain technology to solve national issues. The African nation has partnered with technology giant IBM to use blockchain technology for land registry process rather than the centralised paper registry process in the West Africa.

This partnership is coming forward after the government announced plans to use blockchain for land administration.

The government of Ghana stated the use of blockchain technology will ensure transparency in land ownership and easy  registry for all lands in the country.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Ghana and IBM  has been signed and effected.

Using  Blockchain Technology in Land Administration Process


The IBM general manager for Middle East and Africa, Takreem El-Tohamy stated  shortly after the MoU that the application of blockchain technology in land administration in Ghana will help the country to build a modern, verifiable, and immutable land registry. He further stated that blockchain will ensure transparency, security, investment, access to loans, and mitigate fraud.

“We are doing this with a group of Ghanaian business partners, ensuring the transfer of know-how and technology,” stated El-Tohamy.

This development  will lead IBM collaborate with the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources to establish a concise  white paper for the implementation plan.  The partnership will also provide improvement of port logistics under the MoU  second phase.

The IBM general Manger elaborated more: “For the ports, investments based on blockchain smart contracts can help advance the President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa (PAC-DBIA) objectives to improve USA – Africa commercial relationship as modern customs and port logistics systems are critical for improving trade facilitation”.

African nations have undoubtedly shown support in leveraging blockchain technology. A lot of meetups and summits on use of blockchain technology have been taken place across Africa especially the World Blockchain Summit held in Nairobi, and the Africa Blockchain Conference in Kampala.

Other blockchain projects in Africa include the successful trial of South Africa’s central bank Project, Kenya’s launch of a blockchain and artificial intelligence task force.


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