TRON has been on top of the news for various advancement embarked upon by the TRON foundation. Recently, TRON launched its main net splitting out of Etherum network to its own blockchain. 

TRON is celebrating its first anniversary and has been sending out teasers for a “secret” announcement scheduled for the end of July. The latest advancement is the launch of a Chrome extension, following the unrolling of the TRON Virtual Machine, with both tools still in testnet mode.

TRON’s founder Justin Sun, commemorated the ICO and project’s anniversary with a tweet:

Due to a  “secret announcement” coming up, a lot of speculations grid the platform, with others rumoring possible TRON partnership with  Alibaba. Other rumors were related to TRON’s partnership with BitTorrent, (though acquired now by TRON) and the exact scope of the project and manner in which the file sharing service would be combined with the distributed network of TRON. In the end, the speculations seemed not to be correct exception of BitTorrent and Justin Sun had other milestones to mark in the latest round of updates on TRON.

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TRON has shown its seriousness to fully utilize the blockchain technology and actualize the platform goals.  The launch of  Chrome extension is another milestone by bringing Chrome usage closer. For now, TronLink, the Chrome extension, will be only useful to developers deploying smart contracts to the testnet.

“This is a version which mainly targets developers, since it will only support testnet use until smart contracts launch on the mainnet,” the TRON Foundation said in a recent blog.

TronLink in the nearby future, will work with the mainnet TRON nodes, and synchronize with the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM). The TVM will be more powerful and important than expected, allowing compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), but able to run the dApps without gas fees.

However,  the advancements seem not to push the price up as the digital asset are still under selling pressure that depresses the price. TRX started sinking around midnight UTC, to slide as low as $0.034 and 432 Satoshi.

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