UEFA known as the Union of European Football Associations, has a while ago announced plans to test blockchain technology for ticket issuing.

Today, UEFA has announced its blockchain trial is successful. Now a mobile ticketing app built with blockchain will from henceforth issue tickets to fans.

According to the body, it’s aimed to make ticket sales for soccer matches “more simple and safer”.  The effort saw the organization test the app at this week’s UEFA Super Cup match between Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid in the Estonian capital, Tallinn.

From UEFA website, the mobile ticketing app is designed to provide secure ticket distribution that can prevent forgery and duplication of tickets.

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The trial notably saw UEFA distribute all of the tickets for the Tallinn match that had been sold to the public via the blockchain-based app for iOS and Android.

The ticket distribution system, it said, worked in combination with mobile Bluetooth devices at the entrances of the football stadium.

The full test followed what UEFA called “fine-tuning and improvements” following previous partial trials, including one that distributed 50 percent of tickets at a match in Lyon, France.

UEFA said it plans to continue developing the system with the intention of using it at other football events going forward.

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